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Great Transformations


All the coaches on the team have worked with people who have feared retirement and can’t move on, because they don’t know what to do or how to define themselves without that role.


What I have noticed is that those who embrace lifestyle changes well seem to have a good balance of activities lined up, a good social life, shared goals and they enjoy the ability to do things by themselves as well as with others. The good news is that coaching really helps people make these positive changes and provides encouragement you might need to stretch yourself for the better.  


The Author of "Authentic Happiness" and champion of the positive psychology movement Martin Seligman, shows a strong correlation between a rich robust social life and happiness. Money, once it covers the basics, doesn't make you happy but having some kind of faith or religion also has a positive effect. Perhaps you could explore what you believe about what you are here for. Attitude and choosing what you focus on also has a huge impact.



Other Changes


Many people after redundancy lose confidence and feel at a loss when part of their purpose in life and means of valuing themselves is gone. They face practical challenges such as how to motivate themselves to look for jobs from home, and experience fears about money.  



I’ve coached someone who joked she is ‘Billy-no-mates”, after a marriage breakdown and relocation. She’s now stopped regretting how she allowed her life to revolve so much around her former spouse neglecting her own needs, friends, interests and career and is now making the most of what’s next.


I have coached fathers who struggle after divorce with the practicalities of living alone and emotions of not having their kids live with them full time until they see new possibilities.   


Also women who have always been financially independent can do with a bit of help getting their heads round their status when not working (perhaps during a career break, retraining or to raise children)


We can help you navigate the change, clarify the future, manage the practicalities of the challenge at hand.  


Sometimes changing environment, for example where you loose the buzz of being around other people, is enough to drag you down unless you identify other ways to compensate.    



We help people define who they are not just by what they do or did. We help them understand what motivates them, take the good stuff from the past, and create the structures and environment to enjoy life more fully in the present. We can develop a positive attitude and practice of focusing on what you want and can change, rather than dwelling on what you can't.

Changes in lifestyle  whether planned or forced upon us can shake up our equilibrium.


  • Retirement  
  • Redundancy
  • Re location
  • Kids leaving home
  • You or your partner working away
  • Working in a new role or environment or career


  • Taking a career break
  • Losing a business or home
  • Loss of status
  • Becoming single after relationship breakdown or bereavement (see also Loss)
  • Caring for parents or becoming parents


Lifestyle changes can include


“The thought of retiring was so scary for me - I hadn’t realized how much my identity and self worth was tied up in my role. You have enabled me to discover that I am so much more, and I am now happy to hang up that old coat and look forward to my new freedom.”


Professional working as consultant for business she had sold.



"I had never analysed my friends and social groups until you asked me those questions. Now I understand what to look for that will help me fill the gap".


Lady who retired to Dorset after a very active social life elsewhere.

Social Life Renewed

Changes in your routine, location, community, and responsibilities have a bigger impact than many expect. Adjusting to not earning or earning less, undertaking a project from home or managing lots of new responsibilities can be exciting or daunting. Once you become aware of what is missing,


I have listened to tearful ex-pats who moved to their ideal home in the sun, where they can play golf and live really well, telling me how depressed they now feel.


As an Independent Financial adviser in the 90's I advised those who relished and loved retirement and those who got unhappy or began to stagnate. Some struggled to hand over the reins in their business.  Some fought with their spouse because they weren't used to being under the same roof so much.


"We were going round and round in circles trying to decide whether to sell the hotel or start a smaller business in France or move back to the UK and buy a B+B. Coaching helped us work through the options and possibilities and lean more about what we both need to be happy."


Martyn and Ange who now run Le Riousec Chambre D'hote

Bright Future

what you need and what new or re-kindled activities would light your fire, you can then start taking steps to create what you need to feel happy and fulfilled.