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“A programme of Coaching each 3 to 4 weeks over an 8 month period has enabled me to delegate well, enhance my communication so that I can get my message across better and not take personally the rebuffs and put downs from my fellow directors. I now work to live not live to work. I have changed my attitude to networking and feel far more myself. As a result of all of this I am actually getting more responsibility and respect from my co-directors who previously treated me like the naughty little sister and I am enjoying the new challenges at work.”


Director of company - Name withheld for confidentiality


Conflict with fellow directors and poor work life balance

You are probably reassessing how you were treated and the impact this has on your views of yourself and life. Sometimes there are practical challenges like – “Where am I going in my career?” Or “How do I find a new job and earn again?” “How can I concentrate with this hanging over me?” Your mind is consumed with the conflict and litigation process, the unfairness of the situation and all sorts of thoughts about how the problem came about. There can be a loss of confidence, self esteem and motivation. Bitterness or depression can set in.




“I am surprised by how much the coaching has clarified things for me. So much was spinning in my head before and now I have a process to ease the changes”


Peter suing for unfair dismissal

Unfair Dismissal


“You gave me permission to realise that I can shape my future to do more of what really makes my heart sing and not what I thought I had to do or should do”


Elizabeth who’s business partners forced her out after she had a baby

Building A New Future

Suing your employer?

Litigating against your employer or business partners often comes after what’s already been a traumatic and difficult time. Going forward, while fighting for justice, you are probably also coming to terms with the loss of your role and all that came with it.

We get many emotional needs met through work, its not just to pay the bills. So when there’s a problem at work it has a huge impact on us.

Great Transformations is perfect during this time to :

Fiona helped her manage and balance her emotions, drew out her work motivations and transferable skills, and helped her stay motivated and focused as she searched for her next role.

Ann’s boss gradually undermined her. Then started getting angry. After a shocking shouting down in front of colleagues, which left her panicky, she saw her Dr and took legal action. She knew what happened was wrong and she knew she had justice on her side. However she underestimated the impact it had on her self esteem and confidence. She thought searching for jobs from home would be easy but didn’t realise how much she needed the buzz of people and the city (London).   

Bullied at work?

Emotional after losing your job?

People who had put so much effort into their career or business and then lose it, will experience all sorts of emotions including loss, anger, failure, depression, fear, money worries, rejection. Also, perhaps determination to make the next career or business one that sustains more of their needs.


“Often the challenges we face become turning points in our life. The way we respond to them, shapes who we become”



Stepping Up To Challenges

Positive Psychology shows that happy people express their values and build on their natural strengths and what better place to do this than through your career? When there are challenges at work sometimes it’s because you are in the wrong  role or environment for you. If you are not growing and developing in your role it may be time to change.

What’s the best environment and role for you?

Career coaching helps you understand your motivation and strengths so that you can be the best you can be in your career, achieving the results you want and enjoying your role. It's also about shaping your future to honour your unique values, skills and aspirations and having energy for the rest of your life.


Lost Motivation