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Divorce and Relationships

Wise Steps for divorce

This multi-disciplinary, tried and tested powerful four step programme is for individuals at the ‘between separation and divorce stage’


  • It’s to reduce stress and help you feel more in control.
  • It’s to untangle your thoughts, get clear about what you really want in your future and enhance your communication and coping skills.
  • Perfect for people who are feeling  overwhelmed, frustrated,  or who want to achieve an amicable split but might get drawn into conflict.
  • It’s also for those who want to make sure they make the wisest decisions at a time when their emotions could otherwise blur their options. (typically 4-6 hours of money well spent).


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Wise Steps within a fully collaborative team

This is perfect when used at the start of the collaborative process.

(SEE COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE PAGES FOR MORE INFO)  In addition to the usual Wise Steps Programme, the Coach or coaches assist in you developing your high level objectives for the divorce and in communicating your interest to others in the collaborative team.

Individual advanced coaching for managing the changes

Divorce is very stressful. Individual coaching by phone or in person provides the impartial highly trained bespoke support you need, when you need it. Instead of feeling like a victim of your circumstances, coaching empowers you to be at choice and aware of greater possibilities.

Extra support for Men and Dads

Men IN GENERAL, based on our experience and on some recent surveys reported, don’t seem to have the same support network or tendency to talk about their challenges as women.  

Also IN GENERAL, Dad’s have kids staying with them less  than mothers do after divorce.


This is a massive loss and adjustment. Unfortunately if couples continue to quarrel after the split and kids don’t stay with Dad regularly, research by Relate states that after on average 7 years they will not have a relationship with the non resident parent.


This is not good!


It’s important if you are a Man to have someone to talk to who is impartial and will help you manage the transition positively. It’s also important it you are a woman to not allow anger to prevent your child from knowing their father. ( And Visa versa)


The good news is that kids are very resilient and more flexible than we imagine.  They can happily adapt to new life styles and have great relationships with both parents.

Letting go of past hurts, getting over a broken heart and breaking emotional responses

Thought pattern Management and  Neuro Linguistic Programming can be particularly helpful in letting go of thought patterns which trap you in a limiting way of thinking. This can be applied to letting go of guilt, anger, sadness or helping to heal a broken heart. It can also help overcome fears of confrontation or lack of self belief.

One off session when you hit a brick wall

This is perfect if you hit a brick wall on a particular matter and need a new perspective to see a way forward or some quick techniques to manage your emotion. It’s also nice to know you can get completely impartial support when you need to talk, something you are less likely to get from those connected to you, who are also going through their own loss and adjustment.

Help for friends and relatives too

Sometimes friends or family of a couple will call us for guidance because they want to help but are not sure how to. Some feel pulled in different directions or want to help the children involved. We can give them general guidance and suggestions.

Examples where individual coaching works

e.g. mental blocks around the Form E, coming to terms with not living with your children, leaving your home, how to maintain effective working relationships with your ex, either to do with the children, or if you are in business together.

Getting divorced or separating involves big decisions and the way you deal with it will affect the quality of your life as well as the lives of the people you share it with for a long time to come.  

We developed our services after researching what people need to help them get through this period of uncertainty as positively and resourcefully as possible.

Our Divorce and Relationship Services


“Thank you it was amazingly helpful, and with one, short, tearful spell whilst putting together everything for my meeting with (lawyer) I have been extremely positive and so much more confident. I can hardly believe it.


I described it to my son as being as if a glass sheet were between me and my husband and everything associated with him - that is, I can see it all, but I feel disconnected from it now.  I was able to answer all the dreaded Form E boxes and provide everything (Lawyer) required.  This is particularly significant because, as I told you, I find figure-work and forms difficult.


I was even able to make the odd joke at our meeting this afternoon!”   

Chris B  Bournemouth

Coaching session incorporating N.L.P.


“You wisely helped make one of the most difficult decisions of my life – to end my marriage. It’s difficult but I know it’s what I have to do and I am beginning to sleep again. Your guidance in how to manage the news with my wife and daughters has also been invaluable. You are great Fiona.”


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Should We Split
Wise Steps
What Affects Us During Divorce