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Great Transformations


What you focus on:

We can focus attention on solutions or problems, past or present, what we can or can't influence.

Communication and learning styles:

We each have preferences for how we communicate and learn. Situations, habits and people will be easy or challenging.

How you and others interpret things:

We each delete, distort and generalise based on past experience and programmes we run

Physical Environment:

Can be conducive or detrimental to our well being and effectiveness

Role, purpose and values alignment:

When who we are, what we believe in and what we do are aligned we are happy, otherwise we experience inner conflict and poor motivation.

Balance of doing, being & growing:

Otherwise we get stressed with too much, ignore our inner wisdom when we don’t chill and be, and get bored and unsatisfied when we need to grow.

Emotional needs expressed:

Our head and belief system may deny us from expressing what we truly want. We may get unhappy or ill instead of following our hearts desire.

Emotional needs met:

If a need is not met it will take up our energy until it is met.

Feedback and motivation strategies:

How we give ourselves, and interpret others feedback. Use to our advantage or ignore ways to motivate us.

Time line and spatial landscape:

We each have a notion of where our past and future is, where we mentally place things and resources.  It often links in to the language we use, some people who can’t see the future can’t see because their future is behind them. People who can't put things from their past in their past, may discover that it's because they have stored it directly in front of them.

Strategy and tactics:

We have mainly unconscious strategies for everything we do and all decisions we make.  Become aware to improve and ensure tactics support strategy, not detract.

Skills and resources:

We often forget what we take for granted. Sometimes we need more skills or resources. Working without them is stressful. We can learn quickly or stop what's unachievable.   


Shape everything and we can change them if  they are not serving us well.   

Memories and thought patterns:

Interpretation of memories, (which are stored on our body and mind), influence how we feel and act every moment of the day.  


Are they present? Are they aligned to who we are? Are they pulling us forward positively or are they linked to a fear?


Is what we do aligned to our values, purpose, goals and strategy? Are we sabotaging? Are we neglecting? Are we aware enough of how to focus on them?  

Body Language and state:

Your eyes, voice tone and posture give more away then you say.   Thinking and 'state' are connected - smile and look up and you'll feel happy. Look down and hunch your shoulders forward and you feel sad. You can influence both.

Energy levels and flow:

We do have chakras ( energy centres in out body) , we pick up on others’ energy. What do you project and is yours flowing?  

Support network:

We often underestimate the impact those around us have to inspire, support, love us. Happier people have good networks.  

Baggage / Life experience:

We all have some baggage but it's what we choose to do with it, learn from it, hold on to and let go that influences how happy or difficult life is now.

What Affects You?

Many aspects of our situation, behaviour and thinking influence whether life is GREAT, or a struggle.  Here are some factors which your Great Transformations Coach would be paying attention to.




Case Studies

Case Studies