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“That was so helpful, I can now see light at the end of the tunnel and feel I can make progress”

Widow who couldn’t see a future after her beloved husband died and she was struggling to decide where and how to live the next chapter of her life.

Loss Adjustment Factors



What we do


Using various approaches, we can help you to



Loosing the love of your life is devastating. However, if after the shock and some time to take it in, the grief or guilt is still overwhelming and you just can’t see a future, find a purpose in your life or stop crying, then we would like to help.  


People who have put so much effort into their career or business and then loose it, will experience all sort of emotions including loss, anger, failure, depression, fear, money worries, rejection.  Also perhaps determination to make the next career or business one that sustains more of their needs. We can help you make the transition a positive one


Mums and Dads can realise when the kids fly the nest, that their joint purpose which bound them together, was to provide for their children.  Once they are gone, parents can experience have a strong sense of loss of purpose.  A good time to step back and take stock of what you value in life and focus on how you want to grow.


Bob’s wife died suddenly 18 months ago leaving 2 young sons and a husband who lost his motivation in life.  After only one session he reported


“I feel like a dark curtain has been lifted and I can see the way forward again. It looks bright and I feel positive about the future again”


Session 2 enabled him to change his belief that asking for help was a sign of weakness. It was fantastic to see the change in him as he organized help for his business too and with school runs and holiday cover for his boys.

Suffering from a Loss or Bereavement?

Loss includes loss of a loved one, loss of a marriage, loss of a role, job or business, loss of a lifestyle or dream.


In all cases we go through what is known as the loss adjustment cycle.  Click here to see it.

It’s not a smooth transition, we move back and forth along the cycle and it can take a while. It’s a natural process and one which can be helped or hindered by various factors.

The Next Chapter

Future Looks Bright