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Great Transformations

Sometimes one thing goes wrong and then something else and you begin to doubt your capabilities - creating a self fulfilling prophecy until you change your thinking. Other times you are just not aware of what is affecting your motivation so you don’t know how to change it. Our coaches can help you turn it around.

Have you lost motivation or confidence?    

Are you a business owner, sales or sports person who needs to be motivated ?


“Thank you so much - that session has changed my life”


Business owner who lost his drive and motivation and hated how unusually negative he had become.

Lost Motivation Found

If you run your own business, losing your motivation has huge impact, particularly when your livelihood and others in the business are dependent on you performing, leading or driving things forward.   

If you are in any kind of sales role or a professional sports person, losing confidence can be distressing and disastrous - yet things can be completely turned around sometimes only one session!


Hidden Factor


Business expanding - unusually the MD had lost confidence and become doubtful .

Fear of letting go, losing control and of being criticised .

Able to share information with colleagues, once fear from childhood dealt with.

Biz owner in a trade, not wanting to take on work

Feeling down and negative and doesn’t know why, everything feeling difficult.

Feeling sidelined in the family as a child -  triggered by death of a parent  8 months prior to a 2 hour Thought Pattern Management session with Fiona .

Feeling positive, motivated, focused again. Sent a text 3 days after session saying


“Thank you so much- you have changed my life!”

Normally confident adviser not able to call new clients in a business which she acquired. Had previously had counselling believing a fear of rejection related to being adopted.

Intervention revealed the real source of fear of rejection began in the womb - well before adoption.  

After one session was  able to call clients easily and go on to successfully expand her business .

Professional footballer Division 1, ‘on the bench’ for many weeks, Rapid demoralization set in and escalating fear of not being good enough.

His thinking and body language reflected what he didn’t want. Geoff helped him develop new ways of thinking and communicating positively with his manager.

Started getting picked, and once playing continued coaching to develop confidence on the pitch and started making and scoring goals.

A freelance professional adviser’s income was reducing and she was working longer hours but feeling ineffective.

She enjoyed turning around client challenges quickly but now was not delegating, and was dealing with issues which were not within her control to resolve.  She didn’t realise what was de-motivating her.

She identified her ideal target market and gave herself permission to stop getting caught in situations which drained her energy.



"It wasn't until you started taking about  energy drainers and givers that it became obvious that I was spending most of my days performing roles I don't enjoy instead of doing what I love. It's like a light bulb has gone on and now we can take steps to change things"


IFA. business owner who had got bogged down in compliance functions.

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