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Often tweaking one aspect in your life has a big knock on effect on the rest, so it's your coaches role to help you identify which that is. If a few things need to change and its a case of working out which to address first which is manageable, gets results and spurs you on.   


Below are some of our case studies:

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Depressed, demotivated & putting on weight


“I feel a new sense of freedom possibility and lightness”


her career, social life, finances and finally started loosing weight - after only 3 sessions!





Hidden factor    


Employed executive off work with severe stress, having panic attacks near M3 and struggling to leave her home.

Changes in work pattern and feedback meant her emotional needs were not being met at work. Compensating by over work, expensive lifestyle, not eating well. Felt stuck. Strategy to develop her own business idea was missing and no time for anything but work.

Gained clarity over what makes her happy, new perspectives and strategy for developing her own business and reducing living expenses. She felt much better and was able to progress these.

After illness, a professional was struggling to maintain income levels. Considering downsizing and working from home to cut costs.

Not aware of importance of environment in motivating him, and how fear was limiting his choice. Stuck and confused.

Defined decision making criteria. Found new job in a motivating environment, increased income and still gains referrals from old colleagues.

Parents barely communicating with her after family conflict. Overworking and stressed in her own business causing staff conflict and inefficiency.

She was looking for acceptance and was very self critical, striving to achieve at all costs and firefighting.

Acceptance and closure with parents. Being kinder to herself, she defined her ideal role and market,  learned to delegate and gained time for fun.

Freedom and Light

Case Studies


What Affects You

What Affects You?