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Unusual or recurring patterns and the mind body connection


If you find you are experiencing a strong emotional reaction to a particular type of situation it’s probably the result of an embedded thought pattern.

Did you know we only have to think of something three times and our brain creates a new neurological pathway connecting emotional triggers to that memory or decision? When something new happens, our brain automatically searches the past for a reference point to interpret the present. We may experience a strong emotional reaction in a situation and don’t always know why.  Because we are not aware of where it comes from it’s difficult to change it with just a cognitive approach.

For Example


It didn’t take months of deep analysis, or bringing up painful memories, to change these clients responses. Just a session or two of Thought Pattern Management™

“Developed by Robert Fletcher over 30 years TPM works with the natural processes of the mind and body in such ways as to teach the mind-body to resolve even deeply seated issues automatically ‘on its own’ and often permanently.

TPM is based on extensive research into the processes of the ‘mind-body’ connection. Drawing on the powerful tools and technologies of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), as well as others, Robert Fletcher, founder of TPM, continues creating new technologies. He has also added to, and refined many of the most powerful core technologies of NLP, thereby creating a simply elegant set of processes with remarkable and rapid effectiveness. In fact, many of the originators and giants in the NLP community agree, TPM is the next step.” From Roberts website  For training in 2011 see

Fiona says “I feel lucky to be among a small group of Thought Pattern Management Master Practitioners in the UK ( Which includes Stephan in London) who were trained by Robert. I teach the process for clients to review and re interpret past events quickly and profoundly so that they have more choice over how they respond, thus separating the emotional response from the trigger. They don’t even need to pin point or talk about a traumatic event in their past, just a slightly challenging situation is used to teach the process, then their unconscious mind gathers up all the connected memories, (including any traumatic ones, and all the one’s they can’t remember) and does a similar process reviewing and releasing unhelpful interpretations while maintaining the positive learning.


It sounds a bit bizarre but one session can have the affect of months of more traditional talking therapy (according to people who are trained in both and based on the instant results clients report.)


I help people improve their self image, self confidence, self esteem, eliminate feelings of guilt, reduce responses of sadness, give them resources and skills that would have been helpful in the past or present and help people tap into their intuition to help them in many, many ways.


When people can’t make decisions, or see their future, or can’t “get their head round” a problem, or when they feel in conflict pulled in different directions, Thought Pattern Management ™ is really powerful.”

Thought Pattern Management TM


“I have used Thought Pattern Management a few times to help people with physical conditions including a woman with an ovarian cyst which it seems her unconscious mind helped her reduce in size and move, so it did not threaten her fertility.


We had to first address an emotional need and a belief that she wouldn’t have children. Then she gained intuition from her unconscious mind that she needed to rub a certain oil into her side. The message about what kind of oil then came in the form of an image of a flower from a plant that produced a particular oil. She got the oil and rubbed it in daily for about two weeks until the date for her operation. Her Dr was very surprised when he opened her up to find the cyst had dramatically reduced and changed location and probably would have gone completely in another 2 days. (She had previously been told there was a 50% chance of losing functionality of the ovary during the operation)


It is not therapy or counselling yet TPM frees people from deep rooted unhelpful patterns and clarifies what to do next.


People typically experience a profound learning experience and a feeling of lightness afterwards.



The Power of Thought


“I can’t believe it -  my cousin mentioned my father in a conversation and for the first time ever, I was able to discuss my father and not get angry or frustrated  - I just felt calm. This thought pattern management is amazing.   I now feel that I can choose how I lead my life without feeling like I have to seek approval, even though he's not with us any more”  


Lady whose father's influence on her as a child, had restricted her choices as an adult, the mere mention of him (even after his death) used to cause feelings of conflict and frustration.

Recurring conflict and feeling I need to get Father's approval

Illness patterns or physical conditions


Patterns of illness can also indicate that there is something in your situation which is not compatible with what your unconscious mind believes is what you want or need for yourself.


I know of people whose back muscles would go into spasm on a Sunday night – meaning that they were unable to drive to their stressful job on a Monday. Perhaps their unconscious mind is doing it’s job to protect them?


Conflict and stress can cause the body to produce ulcers, skin outbreaks, affect hormones, adrenaline, muscle tension leading to headaches and all sorts of imbalances.

Studies in Japan have found that when someone experiences a broken heart, something actually changes in their heart.


I have coached people who have eating or weight related challenges and have found the source of the pattern links to an unconscious desire to protect, or in some way serve the person, even though it’s sabotaging what they consciously want.


Much has been written by Dr Bernie Seigal, a cancer specialist, who documents that those who live truly authentic lives are far more likely to make a full recovery from Cancer. My friend and Naturopath Carmen Schurt has also documented emotional connections for many serious illnesses.


There has to be some connection between what we communicate to ourselves and what happens in our bodies. Of course what we eat, drink, our life style and genetics also impacts on us but more and more there are studies linking emotion to illness and showing that what we think can even change our genetic coding. Pharmaceutical companies can’t patent thoughts so it’s not in their best interests to promote this but if you want to find out more go to the Useful Stuff page of this website.   

Indications might include:

More on the mind body connection

What we think affects our body’s chemistry. Think happy feel happy. Think sad, feel depressed. The flush of falling in love creates feelings of butterflies in our stomach, and our body releases lots of happy chemicals into our blood stream. When we experience fear, we release adrenaline, some is good but too much – just like too much coffee has negative side effects. With ‘loss’, our blood cells change and our immune system is affected.  

With a broken heart – our heart actually changes!

So our body responds to our thoughts – what if our body also responds to our wishes and beliefs? And what if there is some kind of intelligence that we can tap into to work with us, to heal us emotionally and physically?