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Facing an emotional bombshell or challenging situation?

For someone who is normally in control or successful in life, it’s very uncomfortable when you feel as though your life has been turned upside down.

Maybe you are dealing with a really challenging situation and can’t see the way forward?

What ever has triggered it, you want to be back to feeling in control of your life ASAP!

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Which challenging situations are you facing?


“Clients often achieve astonishing results quickly as testimonials show.  We can work just on solving the problem or whatever else you want on your agenda.” Fiona

Fiona Sutherland - founder of Great Transformations

This is what some clients said after just one session


“Good grief!”


professional struggling to retire, who now understands why!


“You have changed my life”


business owner who lost his motivation


“Fiona – you are great!”


father going through major divorce challenges


“Thank you – I feel so much better already!”


someone off work with stress

Conflict or Dispute at Work

Unfair Dismissal


“I’m surprised by  ...”

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Breaking Free


“I can’t believe it ...”

Mind & Body Patterns

Lost Motivation

BIZ Owner Lost Motivation


“Thank you  ...”

Stuck, Overwhelmed & Confused



“I feel a new ...”

Lifestyle Changes

Social Life Renewed


“I had never ...”


A New Chapter


“That was so ...”

Lifestyle Changes
Lost Motivation
Mind & Body Patterns


Dispute and Conflict at Work?