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Revealing more of the elephant

Have you heard the story about the blind men in India who went out one day for a walk? They came across something standing in their path.  The first blind man said, “It's a mud hut, it's a wall that's been in the sun and it's rough and weathered”. He was touching the side. The next blind man said, “No no you are mistaken, it's a tree. I can feel the thick round tree trunk" he was holding a leg.  The third blind man said “What rubbish you both talk, this is a spear I can feel it in my own hands, I know a spear when I hold one"  He was holding the tail.  "It's never a spear, it's a massive python" the other blind man said.  He was holding the elephants trunk.


The moral of the story is that we all see things from our own limited perspective. When we open our minds to what else there is, when we piece together information from other sources we begin to build up a picture of the truth.

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Really Useful Sources of Information

More   -  listen to interviews on a variety of topics connecting science and spirituality with leaders in their field. It's free via Internet but,  you just have to put up with a few plugs to buy the speakers books, dvd's etc

Mind Body Soul -  to find out more about energy healing and wellness, Debora conducts interviews with many leaders and pioneers in this field


Food, Environment & Heath  to get healthy tasty organic food delivered to your door

Living Life To The Full


Managing Change

Loss Cycle

More  Russell Jones and Walker Lawyers have an award wining employment team who only act for employees. They have offices in London, Manchester and Cardiff. We only hear good things about them from their clients.

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Thought Pattern Management

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Sources's%20Influence.pdf  - find out why humour can keep you healthy  

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