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Great Transformations

The best way to find out if the service is relevant to you or someone you care about - is to contact us. We are real people who genuinely care and we know what needs to be present for us to be able to make a difference.  If we can’t help we’ll tell you.

This is not for people who literally can’t get out of bed in the morning. If a depression has got so bad that someone can’t function - we wish they had come to us sooner. Sometimes  the flood of negative chemicals their body has been releasing due to the thoughts they  have been having - or possible brain chemical imbalance, means that they probably require help from the medical profession to get them back to a basic level.

The Great Transformations service we provide is not for people for whom serial analysis into their past, about the affect of their past, or why they think or feel a certain way, has become a kind of hobby or way of life.  Great Transformations helps you live more fully in the present and it generally works quickly in a matter of weeks not years.  When we are free from limitations which were formed in the past we no longer have to keep analysing them. But if you enjoy analysing them then you may sabotage the results or create new problems to satisfy your desire.

I was once asked to coach someone who had a series of allergies, insomnia, fears and pain. I discovered soon in the first session that he held a very strong belief that suffering was the path to enlightenment.  He would not consider changing this belief, so any further work would be futile. I walked away wishing him well.

This might seem harsh, but this service is not for people who want to dwell in a miserable situation or get secondary gain by being a martyr or victim. Life is too short. If you have been a bit of a victim in some aspect of your life and now want to change it, then that’s a different matter. It's good that you are aware and taking responsibility to change it. We are here to help you speed up the process providing new resources, insights and momentum.

Are Our Services right for you?

The service is not for people who want to hand over responsibility to someone else to wave a magic wand and sort it for them.   You have to be prepared to invest in this process and work with your coach or consultant taking responsibility for the part you play, the actions you take and the things you ask for.

When you do this you can achieve wonderful things.

This service is holistic, honest and personal. If you just want a nice chat, brush the surface of a challenge and keep it impersonal, or if you don't feel ready to change things, then this service is not for you.